We Will Always Be Grateful

We will always be grateful to you because your support during the funeral enabled us to complete all our plans successfully. You truly are someone that we can rely on whenever we have a problem.

Beloved Grand Daughter

We would like to thank all those who supported us through prayer, financial contributions, material help and even showing sympathy as we mourned our beloved grand daughter who is now departed. Your support is appreciated.

When Things Are Difficult

When things are too difficult, we can only know our friends by looking at who remains by our side. And from your support, you truly are a friend to us. Thank you for your assistance.

Overwhelming Support

Truly, you are a worthy friend to our family. This has been proved by the overwhelming support that you gave to us when were mourning our departed brother. May you be rewarded by the most high.

Thank You During A Difficult Time

We are humbled by the way you supported our family even when things seemed to too difficult for anyone of us to handle. Without your support, we definitely would not succeed without your support.

The Support We Received

We may have nothing to reward you for the support we received from you during the funeral of our son. However, what we would like you to know is that we appreciate your assistance to us.

We Are Humbled By Your Support

Even though you had many things to attend to, we are humbled by the fact that you took your time to be us throughout the entire period. We sincerely appreciate you generous support to us.

On Behalf Of My Family

On behalf of my family, I would like to let you know that we will always live to remember the support that you gave to use during the mourning period. May God bless you for being a valuable friend to us.

Thanks For Your Support During A Difficult Time

We sincerely thank you for supporting us throughout the most difficult time that our family has ever gone through. Your support during the funeral is highly appreciated and we will always remember it for a long time.

God Bless You For Your Support

When we were mourning our own sister, we could not help but realize that you were generous with your support. That is why we would like to thank you abundantly. God bless you. God bless you.

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